Pica – Jeff Gardiner

This was such a refreshing book, I have truly never read such story. It follows Luke, a high school boy who only focuses on video games. He hangs around with bad company and doesn’t seem to appreciate anything.

Luke is put in a very uncomfortable position when his parents ask him to keep an eye out for new boy Guy, a lad who doesn’t care much for how he looks. But Luke learns a lot more from Guy than he expected.

He is introduced to a world of magic and nature. Torn between his interest and better judgement Luke goes through a spiral of confliction and fascination. He learns about the true threats of the real world.

I loved this book, it’s just so unique and eye opening. The story never gets dull. As the magic and fantasy aspect gets deeper and bigger, so does reality. The reality of the facts is so evident you truly get into the story. I’m not a fan of fantasy and magic, can never get my head into the book, but this one I had finished it before I even realised. It was an incredible read.



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